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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

The ability to condense household systems seems sensible, and many homeowners consider combining heating and cooling into one unit when it's time to replace older HVAC equipment. However, the idea of heat pumps can be confusing for some. With such a title, many consumers expect this type of system to strictly heat a home. A better understanding of the operation can help in the decision making process for your upgrade. It will also assist in your understanding of how to maintain your new system.


Heating and Cooling with Heat Pumps

An air conditioner uses refrigerant to cool the home. As the material moves through coils, it undergoes compression and expansion. When refrigerant is compressed, it becomes very hot. When it expands again, it becomes very cold. The main difference between air conditioning units and heat pumps is that the process in an AC unit is limited to one direction. Compression occurs in the outside unit while expansion takes place inside. The heat exchange that takes place inside allows indoor air to be cooled.

In a heat pump, the process is reversible. Air conditioning function is equivalent to that in an AC unit. When heat is needed in your home, the condensing of refrigerant takes place inside to release heat into your airstream. Meanwhile, expansion is handled in the outdoor coil.


Proper Maintenance of a Multipurpose System

Installing a combined hot and cold air system in your home can provide appropriate home comfort levels throughout the year, but it's helpful to realize that all HVAC units are subject to wear over time. One of the most important issues in a heat pump is the refrigerant level. This is also true of an AC system, and regardless of your decision about which system to install, you need to be aware that seasonal maintenance is a wise investment.

A refrigerant leak can lead to an undercharge, negatively affecting system performance and home comfort. An undercharge of 10 percent can contribute to as much as a 20 percent increase in your heating and cooling costs. It can also cause your coils to freeze, jeopardizing your compressor. Spring maintenance should be scheduled for an AC unit while spring and fall service are advised for a pump system.


Deciding if a Combined Function HVAC Unit Is Right for You

Your decision to incorporate a heat pump into your home may be best handled in light of local climate conditions. Our summers and winters tend to be mild, but we can experience extremes on occasion in Mint Hill NC. A combined function system is an excellent option for the region. Electric heating is efficient for much of the winter. Cool Breeze HVAC finds that many customers like the option of a dual fuel system, including a furnace with a heat pump so that the most efficient heating option is available based on the conditions of a given day. This can provide the most affordable indoor comfort throughout the year.



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